I’m a visual artist with a multidisciplinary background: merging the boundaries between discipline, I have been pursuing a path that spans design, art and education.

As artist, I have produced works across a range of different media such as graphic design, drawings, posters, ceramic objects, with a focus on self-publishing practices, artist’s book and Risograph printing.

As educator, my practice is rooted in a social dimension: I have run several art workshops focused on developing an awareness of political and personal issues through self and group expression. I have been making art together with different sorts of audiences: from kids to adults, including elderly and disadvantaged people as well. I have worked on topics like inclusive cities and women empowerment as well as fancier topics like flowers & flowerpots or fireflies.

Since 2017 I collaborate with Casa Internazionale delle Donne (International House of Women) in Trieste - IT, where I curate exhibitions and creative workshops.


2008-2010 – Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia, Venice (ITALY).

2006 –Erasmus International Interchange, Universidad de Lérida (SPAIN).

2003-2007 – University of Trieste (ITALY), Arts and Literatures Bachelor Degree.


2022 - Flowers from the Hyperuranion - Book release, Compulsive Archive, Milano (IT)

2021 - Giardino d’inverno, Spazio Lulli, curated by Studio Clutter (Andrea Cammarosano + Leonardo Persico), Milano (IT)

2019 - Studi festival, Galleria SUDO, Milano (IT)

2019 - Seasons, Tinta Festival, Dobravaga Art Gallery, Ljubljana (SLO)

2017 - Pollaio, curated by Elisa Vladilo, Casa Internazionale delle Donne - International House of Women, Trieste (IT)


2022 - Sounds about Riso 4.0, Usagi, New York (USA)

2021 - DELIVERY BOX N.1, curated by Simona Squadrito & Lisa Andreani, Spazio Volta, Bergamo (IT)

2021 - Night of Fanzines #6, Gigantic, Milano (IT)

2021 - Escaparte, Libros Mutantes Art Book Fair, Madrid (ES)

2020 - Replica. Archivio Italiano del Libro d’Artista, Villa Vertua Masolo, Nova Milanese (IT)

2019 - Night of Fanzines #5, Gigantic, Milano (IT) 

2019 - AIR4, Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana (Slo) 

2019 -Night of Fanzines, Comodo 64, Torino (IT) 

2019 -appointMENT #3_Music Poster Exhibition, Dobravaga Art Gallery, Ljubljana (Slo)

2018 - Night of Fanzines #4, Gigantic, Milano (IT) 

2018 - Il cielo in una stanza, curated by Elisa Vladilo, Sala Ada Cattonar, Trieste (IT) 

2018 - Kino Otok Film Festival, Izola (Slo)

2017 - Night of Fanzines #3, Gigantic, Milano (IT)  

2017 - Varcare la frontiera, Trieste Film Festival, Trieste (IT)

2016 - Night of Fanzines #2, Gigantic, Milano (IT)

2015 - Focvs on Italy – Italian Book Art Exhibition curated by Bolo Paper – Volumes, Independent Publishing Fair, Zürich (CH) 

2015 - Night of Fanzines #1, Gigantic, Milano (IT) 

2015 - Piña riot, Puntocroce, Venezia (IT), 2015


2023 - Multiple Formats, Art Book Symposium + Fair @ Boston University, Boston MA (USA)

2022 - Boston Art Book Fair, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston MA (USA)

2021 - Fruit market, Parco della Montagnola, Bologna (IT) 

2020 - Zinefest Berlin, Space Meduza, Berlin (DE)

2019 - PawChewGo, BASE, Milano (IT)

2018 - ELCaF - East London Comic Art Fair, Round Chapel, London (UK) 

2017 - Caffeine Hour Book Fair, Tovarna Rog, Ljubljana (SLO) 

2016 - Fahrenheit 39 Book Fair, Artificerie Almagià, Ravenna (IT)

2016 - Fruits Exhibition Book Fair, Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna (IT)

2014 - Fahrenheit 39 Book Fair, Artificerie Almagià, Ravenna (IT)

2013 - Fahrenheit 39 Book Fair, Artificerie Almagià, Ravenna (IT)

2012 - Fahrenheit 39 Book Fair, Artificerie Almagià, Ravenna (IT)


2023 , October-December - Artist in residence at La Source Garouste - La Guéroulde, Normandie  (FR) 

2023 - Directangle Editions residency, Directangle Press, Bethlehem, NH (USA) 

2021 - Shortlisted @ FIP - Fruit Indie Publishing Award, organized by Fruit Exhibition and Favini Paper, Bologna (IT)

2018 - Zine-Vitrine#4 Award, Dobravaga Art Gallery, Ljubljana (Slo) 

2017 - All you can Art - Residency, a project by Edoardo Lazzari, Venezia (IT)

2015 - Ludiko Art Residency, CARS, Omegna (IT)


2022 - Out for a walk, published by Directangle Editions, Bethlehem NH (USA).

2022 - Flowers from the Hyperuranion, published by Oreri - Iniziativa Editoriale, Cagliari (IT).

2021 - LaRU - Tolmezzo 2030, published by Kallipolis APS with the support of Fondazione Pietro Pittini (Trieste, IT).

2021 - Videocall, published by Oreri - Iniziativa Editoriale, Cagliari (IT), isbn 9791280674029.

2020 - I sogni di Anna - author  Silvia Ricci Lempen, illustrations Daria Tommasi. Published by Casa Editrice Vita Activa  (Trieste, IT), isbn 9788899951184. Winner of Swiss Literature Awards 2020.

2019 - Losche storie - Mary Shelley, published by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, Modena (IT), isbn 9788857014753.

2019 - Finders Keepers Losers Weepers, published by Stolen Books (Portugal), 2019.


2021 – Lecture Cultural Hackaton 2021, Kallipolis APS (Trieste, IT), December 2.

2021 – Flowerpots invited artist, Association La caravane MJC (Servon-sur-Vilaine, FR), November 4.

2021 – LaRU- Laboratorio di Rigenerazione Urbana, invited artist, Kallipolis APS  (Trieste, IT), September 13-17. 

2021 – Colore, fiore, frutto, animale invited artist, Associazione Luna e l’altra (Trieste, IT), March 5.

2021 – What if... invited artist,  Dobravaga Art Gallery (Ljubljana, SLO), February 6.

2020 – Lecture Cultural Hackaton 2020, Kallipolis APS (Trieste, IT), November 26.

2020 – Città ideale, invited artist, Kallipolis APS  (Trieste, IT), November 4.

2020 – Lecture Dappertutto: spazio pubblico, scuola e diritto al gioco, “E se diventi farfalla” – Centro Zaffiria (Igea Marina, IT) + Cooperativa Sociale La Collina  (Trieste, IT), July 17. 

2019 - 2020 – Workshops supervisor – Cooperativa Sociale La Collina (Trieste, IT). 

2018 – Officina Tipografica invited artist, Trieste Film Festival (Trieste, IT), January 23-24. 

2017 - today – Workshop supervisor and exhibition curator – Casa Internazionale delle Donne- International House of Women (Trieste, IT). 

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