Workshops and activities

Leading people through creative processes and self expression is part of my artistic practice. I have worked with people from different ranges of age and provenience, and in different contexts (outdoor, indoor, online). I use very simple tools in order to involve participants to put aside self-judgement, and express themselves using colors, materials and shapes. I lead them through a very easy design path, creating graphic outputs like posters and fanzines.

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"What if....", Hosted by Dobravaga Art Gallery - Ljubljana, 2021.
Online workshop about collaborative creative process and collective narration. All the stories have been collected in a fanzine (read the pdf here). 

Colore, fiore, frutto, animale, with  Associazione L'una e l'altra, 2021.
Workshop about creative self-narrative.

Laboratorio munariano, with Cooperativa Sociale La collina 2020
Outdoor workshop for kids.

Città ideale - LARU - Laboratorio di Rigenerazione Urbana, with Associazione Kallipolis2020 

Workshop about impact communication through posters with high-school students from  Edilmaster College.

Semini d'inverno, with Cooperativa Sociale La collina,  2020.
3 sessions workshop for 3-6 y.o. kids . The workshop is part of  E se diventi farfalla project.

8 marzo: volti e storie, 2019, Casa Internazionale delle Donne -Trieste
A workshop for a female audience about self-narrative and family history.

Officina tipografica,  Trieste Film Festival, 2018. 
In an atmosphere of “permanent assembly” the public is invited to express their opinions and dissents by creating their own revolutionary posters.

Buongiorno, mi rappresentoCasa Internazionale delle Donne -Trieste, 2017.
A workshop about self portrait for a feminine audience.

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